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Run It Twice -- Hac Dang - Poker News - Card Player Run It Twice -- Hac Dang ... He regularly plays the $500-$1,000 half pot-limit Omaha half pot-limit hold’em games when they run and has been one of the biggest winners this year on Full Tilt ... News: Full Tilt Poker: "Run it Twice" - PokerStrategy.com At present, Full Tilt Poker tries out this feature in "Ivey's Room" at those tables marked with "Run it Twice". If the test is successful, Full Tilt Poker plans to equip more tables with this option. The major point of criticism, however, is the high rake to date. Apart from the "Run It Twice" function, Full Tilt Poker presents another new feature. Run it Twice at Full Tilt Poker - kickasspoker.com It will be interesting to see if this turns out successful for Full Tilt, I think it is a nice addition and extra option. You can read more about how Run it Twice will work at Full Tilt here.It might make some hands take a bit longer but it would be nice to be able to run it twice in a monster pot when you are all in and flipping a coin. New "Run it twice" feature on Full tilt - Poker News - News ...

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New "Run it twice" feature on Full tilt - Poker News ... anyone do an estimate on how much of your winrate you would be giving up by running it twice? i feel like running it twice would be awful in PLO since ... At Full Tilt Poker the maximum rake in ring games is $3, with a minimum pot size needed for any rake. ... New "Run it twice" feature on Full tilt. no no no Page 1 of 11 ... terminology - What does "run it twice" mean? - Poker Stack ... What does “run it twice” mean? Ask Question 16. 3. ... "run it twice" was available on small stakes (and mid- and high-) tables back when Full Tilt Poker was operating. (the option didn't exist on micro-stakes tables that said). : ) – TacticalCoder Jan 26 '12 at 23:16.

However, that is changed because now anyone can choose to run it twice online at PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker. What is Running it Twice?..

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Ty movitější herny, jako jsou PokerStars či Full Tilt Poker, si tuto aplikaci vyvíjejí na své vlastní náklady. Nicméně drtivá většina ostatních heren jsou součástí tzv. networks, neboli pokerových síti, které sdružují hned několik …

Full Tilt Poker, before it shut down in 2011, had a similar functionality available in high-stakes games, allowing players to see the flop, turn and river twice when both players went all-in preflop. The idea of “running it twice” also gained popularity in television poker shows like Poker After Dark. Full Tilt relaunch | | WinAllPoker.com The Run it Twice concept has been popularized by poker TV shows like Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker in order to run it twice two players need to be all-in prior to the river being dealt with both players agreeing to run the cards twice. Want to run it twice? - pokerfish.com Aug 01, 2011 · The expected value of your hand isn’t improved by running it twice. Poker is sometimes about getting it all in and seeing who ends up taking all the money. But if a bad run of cards is dragging on your bankroll, or you want to protect the night’s big winnings, then think about running it twice.